The Questions Students Ask
by Amber Goslee


I noticed that since we came back from winter break a couple of my boys were interested in writing to each other in codes, which I recognize as being a typical thing that many kids do. Now, as the teacher I could do many things, right? I could tell them to stop (which they wouldn't, but might hide better), I could ignore it, or I could approach them with interest in what they were doing.


Well, I approached them and said I noticed that they had been writing each other cool notes in code. I asked them if they wanted to learn more about codes and their faces lit up with excitement. So, I told them to list at least ten questions they had about codes. Their questions are fascinating and are listed below. Their curiosity stems from ancient languages, which I had not known before reading their questions. (We study ancient cultures in sixth grade). As you will see, some are quite philosophical. From their questions we will formulate some research. I am interested in what they discover!




Can I do ancient languages like Old English, ancient Greek, Anglo Saxon, Finnish and Gothic?

What about number codes, letter codes, picture codes that we could do on the assignment?

Why did people in ancient times figure out their own symbols and writing?

How do we figure out ancient writing from ancient times?

Why are there so many ancient languages?

If our ancestors are from the old world why don't we use their old ancient language?

Without codes, what would the world be like?

Without ancient languages what would the world be like?

What's bad and good about codes and ancient languages?

Are codes and languages of ancient times necessary for us in our time?

In ancient times, did people use codes too?

Are ancient languages used as codes as well?

Is the world better with codes or without codes and ancient languages?

Do codes help us?

Do ancient or old languages help us?

Do we need these to survive?


How do people figure out symbols?

How do people create a language?

How can we create and decode our own words?

How come English is one of the hardest languages to learn?

How did people figure out Morse code?

Who did people figure out flag code?

How was English created?

Why are there so many languages?

Why are hieroglyphics so mysterious?



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