What I Learned

By Adam Basar

Mrs. Creechís Class
Dort Elementary
Roseville, MI

In math I learned about the 100th day of school. I learned about reading, writing and playing with a friend. I learned about putting your stuff away and doing good things not bad things. Mostly importantly do your work. Second most important listen to the person thatís watching you. Never stop having fun with your family, Yep! 

Donít bother anyone thatís doing their work. Donít call names and donít butt into someoneís business. If you want a friend, donít act cool. Help kids like first graders or kindergartners or help yourself. Listen to the teacher and youíll learn. Be polite to others. Learn poems and cursive writing. Share your things to nice people but donít talk to strangers. Do not smack. Donít pretend to be sick. Be real and serious. Donít take otherís opinions. Do your work instead of talking to your friend. Lightning, try not to get zapped by it. When you are done with all you work, read a new story and draw a picture in your mind. Do not steal. Do not kill anyone. When you donít get your math, practice at home in your house. Donít play until your homework is all done. Donít go home with a stranger. Donít break a promise. Donít take money from bad people. If you are lost, ask someone who looks real nice. Donít ask a mean looking person, or..you could call someone. Do your job. Listen to who is talking. Listen to your mom. Donít watch R rated movies unless you are a grown up. Listen to the safety patrol. If you are dirty, take a bath. Donít be mean to your dog or it will bite you bad. Do not swear or sneak into a 
house. Some people like school. Some people want to get their work done. Help old people do their things. If youíre someoneís friend and the other wants to do something, do it with both friends. When someone you donít know says I got candy kid, do you go get it? You say no and go away from him or get the cops and do what they like. When you see a fire go get the fire department or you could call them.


Behavior Rubrics

By Shelby Wallace
Mrs. Creechís Class
Dort Elementary

The students in Room 405 hope your classes will do abehavior rubric. It is easy to do.Students take a vote with your class. Please do it. Have your class think of a 1, 2, or 3 behavior.3 is the best, 2 is good, 1 is ok. Make your behaviors on the overhead first, then make it into a poster and hang it in your room.Thank you from Room 405.

1.I am trying hard to finish my work.
2.I try to listen to the teacher.
3.I am nice to others.
4.I will wait my turn to speak
5.I am patient.
6.I donít interrupt.
7.I tell the truth.
1.I do my work when I am told.
2.I stay in my seat.
3.I read books.
4.I listen to announcements
5.I am quiet when the teacher is talking.
1.I help others. 
2.When I am done with my work I chose an appropriate activity. 
3.I raise my hand.
4.I am polite. 
5.I use a whisper voice. 
6.I treat others the way I want to be treated. 
7.I am responsible. 
8.I walk to the carpet when called and sit quietly 
9.I get my work finished 
10.I remind others to do their work. 
11.I put things away when I am done.


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