Madness of Evil Authority Paralyzing our children 

By Dr.Scantron and 

Professor #2 Pencil 

Like most of you connected to education, the two of us have been struggling with the nonsense of the MEAP during our teaching careers. Unfortunately for us, we are now experiencing it more directly thanks to Lansing bureaucrats who have included social studies as a part of this test. As unimportant and irrelevant as we used to view the MEAP, we do so even more now. This test has got to go!! 

Our wonderful district, following the lead of the board, superintendent, and principals have decided to jam this test down the throats of the teachers and students at our school. Although it is bad for all departments, most of our complaints are with the racist, thought forming (not provoking) social studies test that we are now faced with. This test has got to go!! 

The leaders of our school are taking drastic matters which are not accomplishing what they think will be achieved. They think promoting the MEAP as a positive, good experience will improve scores. They won't. We are still 3 1/2 months away from the test, with many more promotional, pep rally type days to come, and the kids are very sick of the MEAP already. They think wasting hours of class time with workshops/seminars/practice tests for the kids will improve the scores. They won't. The kids don't listen, don't care, don't relate to the MEAP and 

grow to resent the idea of it more and more each day. This test has got to go!! 

Teachers are being forced to choose between being a good employee or a good teacher. These standardized exams destroy students' ability to be critical, creative, and most importantly, caring human beings. Something else that we are experiencing in our school is probably the most disturbing of all. Kids are being scared, threatened, and lied to.  

1.They are being told that they must improve their scores for themselves we all know why they want the scores improved, to make administration look good. 

2.They are being demeaned and chastised for previous bad scores these poor kids already have a hard enough time with self-esteem and now this. 

3.They are being told they must take this test and must do well for an advanced high school diploma and so their transcripts will look good for colleges. We all know colleges don't care- the advanced diploma means nothing. 

4.They are being told that everyone must take this test, no dismissals. Kids need to know that with a note from a parent, or probably just a refusal to sit and take the test, they can get out of it. 

Parents and students all over this state need to be informed and take action against the boards, superintendents, and principals who are abusing these children. Children are being told what to think and what to believe in. The creativity and morale of teachers is being destroyed. The self-esteem of children is being crushed. And all of this when we know the scores are consistently predictable. Wealthy white districts will continue to score the highest. Poorer districts and districts with minorities will continue to score lower. Not because wealthy white students are so much more capable of doing well, but because the test is unbalanced, unfair, and irrelevant. This test has got to go!! Take a stand against the Madness of Evil Authority Paralyzing our children. 


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