Summer 2002    Issue #8

Why So Many Exams?  A Marxist Response by Bertell Ollman

No Child Left Untested by E. Wayne Ross and Sandra Mathison

Age-ism by Lindsey Rogowski

Fast Track to Nowhere by Maria A. Almanzo

What Did You Learn in School Today? Tom Paxton, new words by Pikku Myy

Blaming Teachers, Punishing Students: The Standards and High Stakes Revolution by Perry Marker

Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow: Externalizing the Internalized by Jonathan Lee

Bad Bishop Brown Speaks to Boys and Girls by Rich Gibson

No More Time for Tooth Stories by Nancy Aranda

Take Prisoners: Zero Tolerance Discipline Policies in K-12 by Lynda J. Fork and Dr. Alan J. Spector

I-780: Candidates for Public Office Take the WASL

The Purpose of Initiative 780 by Doug Selwyn

"I Pledge Allegiance to the Tests" 

Connections to the World Outside the Classroom:  “Make Sure Your Understanding…Is the Same as Ours” by Greg Queen and Katy Landless 

A Tale from the Texas Outback by Carol Holst

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