OPENING DAY   By Bluesdad
Finally, no snow in the yard. Half-day of school.

Bluesboy batting. Bluesdad pitching.

[Opening chatter: Bluesboy "Did you know there is one "strike one"; two "strike twos" and three "strike threes." Bluesdad, "NO THERE'S NOT!"]

First pitch of the season hit high and deep to centerfield over the neighbor's driveway for a home run.

Second pitch--a high, hard one, inside. Bluesboy knocked down, but not hit.

Third pitch--hit high and hard onto the neighbor's porch for a home run.

Bluesdad batting. Bluesboy pitching.

First pitch--fouled off to the first base side onto our porch.

Second pitch--fouled straight back into the other neighbor's yard.

Third pitch--a swing and a miss on a high hard one on Bluesdad's hands.

Chatter: Bluesdad, "What happened to the three "strike threes"??!!

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