Small group of AIMS protesters makes a big impression in Arizona
"Stop the April Foolishness" event marches on

By Gabie Gedlaman
AZ Standards

Approximately 20 AIMS protesters marched down Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona during afternoon traffic urging an immediate "gutting" of the AIMS (Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards) test.

Bolstered by a passionate message by AZ Standards member, local teacher and former congressional candidate, John Scudder, the group headed for the street marching over 2 miles to the beat of slogans on signs reading, "Keep Education Engaging; Gut AIMS Now!" (the first letters spelling out Keegan, the Arizona superintendent of public instruction).

The protesters marched toward the local post office armed with letters of protest directed to the Governor Hull (who had threatened to veto any bills opposing the current direction of the AIMS), Lisa Graham Keegan, and district representatives currently hearing Senate Bill 1431, which would delay the AIMS test and call for a study to assess public support for the AIMS.

The small event left the community humming on live news broadcasts on television, newspaper coverage, and an honorable mention in the Arizona Republic's editorial later that week.  Marchers left with a sense of purpose and determination to see the AIMS issue to its end. Legislators were left with a challenge by John Scudder to join him in taking the AIMS test and allow their scores to be published in the newspaper.  Tempe protesters and those within the AZ Standards network have plans on seeing that this challenge does not die under the foot of the day's march.

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