School Days

by Sara (18 yrs. old)

Once inebriated on the joys of learning
The teachings of life and all its meaning,
I walk with a hangover of experience.
Distastefully cringing away
From the endless natttering of
Chipper and cherry Cheerleaders.
Crooning about the cutest pair of Calvin Kleins,
They have ever seen.
So similar to the last pair, that any untrained eye
Would miss the difference in rivets,
The slightly mottled spot near the bell bottom flares...
Crawling into the crowded and crazed
Standing in the assembly line,
Feigning breathlessly,
Eagerness to receive
The ball of greasy Dog food
Chock full of nutrients and essential vitamins
To boost the energy, so that I might keep my head up
As I listen to the eternal droning
Of yet another never-ending lecture
From professionals who have lost
That they will influence and affect the lives of the young.
Instead living to a paycheck and sneaking around
behind the back of the egotistical administration
Periodically, working up the courage
To find something
That may catch our attention
So they can subtly mold us into Pillars of the Community
As I will soon be
When I have acquired enough
Meaningful facts and trivial knowledge
That strive to enrich my life in a Zen way.
Failing miserably, but ever increasing
The digits soon to be on my Paycheck
A timely payoff
For the boredom of my weekdays.
Boredom that will sap my individuality
As I fake their perfect
So I can fly free of the corrupted institution
That was started with such
Honest Hopes and Dreams
But ended up
Becoming all about
The Money, The Power.
As most things tend to do.


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